Threat Data Feeds

Who said Cyber Defence was easy? Cyber Defence is hard! Most security operations teams fight an uphill battle for they are routinely unable to process the large amount of alerts they receive from various devices and systems. Due to the volume, some alerts may never be investigated at all. This also results in "alert fatigue" which leads analysts to take alerts less seriously than they should.

Threat intelligence helps solve these problems: filter out false alarms, speed up triage, and simplify incident analysis. With it, analysts can stop wasting time on "noise" and focus on relevant alerts regarding malicious activities within their network.

What we do

We collect data from our sensors across the globe and enrich our own data with data from trusted third parties like ABUSE.ch and several other trusted vendors. We then generate distinct lists containing malicious IP addresses and networks (both IPv4 and IPv6), Domains, FQDN (fully qualified domain names), and URL (uniform resource locators, aka: web addresses).

The resulting lists are ready to be used in your log management or SIEM to boost triage.


Please see our Knowledgebase for details on how to access our Threat Data Feeds.

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